On The Road Again – Boomer Travel Tips From A Road Warrior


One of the things I have noticed as I have aged is that when I travel, I am more inclined to have all things related to it be as easy and stress free as possible. Indeed, when I was traveling in my younger years, I seemed to have more patience. Flight delays did not faze me. Cheaper hotels were acceptable. And since I am high tech inclined, putting up with the difficulty of creating a link from my laptop to a phone line was looked at as a challenge.

But these days, I prefer effortless sailing when I travel and things to go smoothly, especially in my world where communications with clients around the planet is important and the ability to access email and the internet is a key part of many of our lifestyles. Yes, I know that in some cases, especially when on vacation, I should be unplugged. But even then I want to communicate with family, send pictures and text and generally stay in touch, do video calls with the grandkids and be available especially in case of emergency.
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