Securifi's Router Redefines Almond Joy
August 30, 2012

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Router

What it is – The Securifi Almond Router has a built-in color touch screen that makes it a breeze to set up.  It’s the first router we’ve seen that deserves to be displayed on a shelf instead of hidden in a utility closet.  It can serve as either a wireless N router or a Wi-Fi range extender to boost signals in a part of your home or office that just doesn’t get a strong enough signal.  This is perhaps the easiest to set up router I’ve ever seen.

Is it Boomer Friendly?  Yes, it is.  The first instruction in the single page startup guide is to plug it in and follow the instructions on the color touch screen.  Once you do that, the screen display tells you exactly where to find the little stylus so you can use the on screen keyboard to enter security settings.  The brightly colored icons on the screen are easy to read and the instructions easy to follow.

Frustration Factor – None. Setting up a wireless router is normally one of the most aggravating tech things I have to do.  Not with this one.  It was fast, it was simple.  You don’t even touch your computer to set it up, just follow the on screen instructions.  I had it up and running as a range extender within ten minutes.  A few minutes longer and I was able to reconfigure it as a standalone N router, a virtual land speed record.

Is it Worth the Money?  At $79 this is a no-brainer.  It’s competitively priced and unbeatable in terms of ease of use.  One note of caution though, this only runs on 102.11n.  If you have an older computer or other device that can only use B or G bands, you won’t be able to experience the joy of this Almond.


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