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About Tech50+

The goal of Tech50+ is to provide product reviews and industry news and analysis through the eyes of our audience. Tech50+’s content is targeted to a tech-savvy 50+ audience that has not lost its passion for technology, but has lost some of its eyesight, manual dexterity, hearing, but mostly it’s lost the patience to deal with stuff that doesn’t work right.

Although the 80 million-strong baby boomer generation is largely ignored by today’s major tech companies, these are consumers with great interest and purchasing power when it comes to technology. After all, this is the generation that founded Apple, invented the PC, and brought about the digital revolution. Boomers will turn to Tech50+ because we fulfill the needs of this underserved, tech-savvy 50+ generation and look at technology through their eyes.

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins, March 2016: “The 106 million people age fifty and older comprise a Longevity Economy that accounts for over $7.1 trillion in annual economic activity. By 2032 that number is expected to rise to over $13.5 trillion.”

Audience Demographics

Gender: Male 63%, Female 37%
Age: 50-69 63%
Income: $100K+ 48%
Tech-Savvy: 88% are comfortable with new technologies
Smartphone: 91% own a smartphone


Our content, and your ads, can be distributed through a variety of channels. Our monthly column is distributed through senior newspapers across the country to reach up to 250,000 readers.

The Tech50+ website sees a constantly increasing readership base of returning and new visitors. Additionally, our e-newsletter is distributed weekly to a growing list of readers, which make up Tech50+’s core readership base.

Home page

Reach our tech-savvy 50+ audience through responsive, clickable banner ads placed on the Tech50+ home page. View placement options

Six Months $2,500
One Year $5,000

Embedded Ads

A responsive 700×400 banner ad will be permanently embedded into and archived with our articles. Advertisers may choose the article(s) the ad accompanies by product group, category, and more. For example, ads may be purchased for the next ten Tech50+ articles that discuss hearing aids.

10 Embeds $2,500
20 Embeds $5,000
50 Embeds $12,000


Reach our core readership through a 1100×300 responsive banner ad in our once-weekly email newsletter.

12 Weeks $2,500
24 Weeks $5,000
52 Weeks $10,000

Monthly “Technology Through Our Eyes” Column

Our monthly column is syndicated nationwide through many online and print publications specifically aimed at the baby boomer demographic. These columns are currently carried by:, Livin’ Out Loud Magazine, Prime Magazine, Vermont Maturity, the Moab Star, and Mature Focus. A number of our print publications also publish weekly online updates which also carry our banner ads. Sponsorship includes your logo as “Sponsored by” and a 700×400 embedded ad.

3 Months $7,500
6 Months $15,000
12 Months $25,000

Sponsored Content

Tech50+ will feature a standalone piece about your product or service written by one of our seasoned tech journalists, including a responsive 700×400 banner ad that will be permanently archived with the article. The piece will also receive special promotion through our newsletter and social media accounts. The piece will be identified as paid content.

One-Time Fee $2,500

Roundup Sponsorships

Sponsorship of one of our popular roundup or series articles, such as our Best of CES 2017 Roundup, includes:

  • a permanently embedded and archived responsive 700×400 embedded ad in all parts of the series
  • “Sponsored by [Company Logo]” promotion on the series banner, which appears on our homepage, in our newsletter, and on our social media pages
  • one month placement of your 700×400 banner ad on the Tech50+ homepage
  • four weeks ad placement in our newsletter
Series # of Segments Approximate Date Sponsorship Fee
Best of CES 4 Mid-Late January $8,000
2016 Boomie Awards 1 February 1 $2,500
Travel Tech Roundup 1 February 22 $2,500
Random Gadget Roundup 1 March 1 $2,500
Health Tech Roundup 1 March 15 $2,500
Mother’s Day Gift Guide 3 Early April $6,500
Biking Seats & Posts Roundup 1 April 17 $2,500
Into the Woods – Camping Gear 1 April 25 $2,500
Dads & Grads Gift Guide 5 May $9,000
Outdoor Gear Roundup 1 June 10 $2,500
Summer Photo Gear Roundup 1 June 25 $2,500
DIY Tech Roundup 1 July 5 $2,500
Kayaking Special Report 1 July 20 $2,500
Audio Gear Roundup 1 July 22 $2,500
Back to School Roundup 2 Early August $4,500
Home Office Tech Roundup 1 September 1 $2,500
Kitchen Tech Roundup 1 September 20 $2,500
E-bike Roundup 1 October 1 $2,500
Winter Gear Roundup 1 October 20 $2,500
2017 Holiday Gift Guide 6 November $10,000

* Sponsorship of more than one roundup article is negotiable upon request.


Christine Piccirillo
Director of Business Development