AmpliFi HD MeshPoint – Mesh Up Your Home Wi-Fi With Any Router


By now you’ve likely heard about using a mesh network to cover your home or small business with a good Wi-Fi signal in every nook & cranny using more access points, not just repeaters. We liked Ubiquiti Network’s AmpliFi HD system which bundled its own router and two mesh access points to cover up to 20,000 square feet of space with a strong Wi-Fi signal on two channels.

AmpliFi MeshPointNow you can purchase just one of their mesh access points, the AmpliFi HD MeshPoint, and use it either with their system router or any router, to create a mesh network in your home.

It’s fairly simple: you plug the unit into a power outlet where you are not getting strong enough coverage, download & install the AmpliFi app for either iOS or Android, and run it. The app uses Bluetooth to find the MeshPoint and asks you for the password for your existing Wi-Fi network. The AmpliFi HD MeshPoint connects and you’re all set. It’s your choice to make the Wi-Fi password also the MeshPoint’s administrative password or create another one.

When I tried the MeshPoint at home, I found the little written “Quick Start Guide” and the actual steps shown in the app were a little different, but no so much that I couldn’t figure out what to do. Basically, you need to tell the app whether you’re trying to join an existing AmpliFi router’s network or a third-party router’s network. Once the connection is made, the MeshPoint gives a little chirp to signal it’s connected. In the app, you can turn off that sound, and even the LED signal lights, if you choose after that first connection is made

The app also gives you stats on your Wi-Fi throughput; you can create “profiles” and schedule Internet access – such as turning it off in part of the house so kids or grandkids can’t use the Internet when they’re supposed to be sleeping; and upgrade, reboot or factory reset any MeshPoint you connect to.

AmpliFi HD MeshPointThe AmpliFi HD MeshPoint did give me a 5-bar signal in a corner of my house where I had only 2-bars before and walking my phone from there to the router & back, it did appear to work as a “mesh” by handing my phone off to the stronger signal.  I say “appear” because I don’t have test equipment to verify that.

The MeshPoint’s antenna swivels so you can adjust it for best coverage if necessary. It works on both the faster 5 GHz band and the slower but stronger 2.4 GHz band.

Small point of confusion: on the box and included guide, the device is called the “MeshPoint HD,” while on their website, it’s the AmpliFi HD MeshPoint.

Whichever name you find it under, it can be purchased directly on the AmpliFi site for $125 at this writing, or on Amazon.

Here’s their promotional video:




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