Belkin’s Valet Charge Power Pair – For Apple Watch and iPhone


You could make the case that finding an easy way to charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch is the kind of first world problem that hardly rises to the level of a real issue. But if you have both, you know this is real issue. But Belkin has a pair of products that will handle both the watch and the phone when you are either home or away.

Charge at Home – Belkin moved early to create device that would charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. The Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone has an elegant industrial design. It has a flat base, a lightning input, an adjustable lightning plug, and a simple arm that extends to cradle, support, and charge the watch.

There are several reasons to like the Valet. It cuts down on wires, letting you charge both devices with a single lightning cord. You can stop worrying about misplacing that unique magnetic charger for the Apple Watch. You can throw away your clunky alarm clock and keep your iPhone by your bedside, using one of various night clock apps to let you know the time. Price is $130.

Charge on the Road Belkin Valet Charger™ Power Pack 6700 mAh for Apple Watch + iPhone – I don’t travel as much as I used to, but when I do hit the road, I always debate which of my watches to take along. Because of the Apple Watch’s notoriously short battery life, I’ve shied away from traveling with it simply because I feared it would run out of juice. I also didn’t enjoy having to carry the Watch’s long charging cord since it took up space and could not be used with other products. Belkin’s slick solution for those of us who travel with both iPhone and Apple Watch is the Valet Charger Power Pack. It is fundamentally a power pack, and a large one at that, with benefits. And the major benefit is a magnetic circle where you can charge your Apple Watch. It has a standard USB output which will let you charge your iPhone with a lightning cable or any other device that takes USB. You charge the power bank with a micro-USB connector. With 6700 mAh, it has enough juice for several watch and iPhone charges. Again, one reason I like it is because it will allow me to keep the night clock on my iPhone and charge my watch at the same time. And while it’s slightly bulky for a power bank, it’s still easy enough to drop in my backpack in case I need an extra charge. Price is $100.

Neither of these products are cheap. But they do a necessary job, they do it well, and they do it elegantly. Both products have simplified my life and made it easier to deal with the Apple ecosystem.

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