EZVIZ Wi-Fi Cameras – Keeping An Eye Out Indoors or Out


It used to be that installing home security was a laborious task, often best handled by hiring professionals to wire up your home. But lately many companies are offering do-it-yourself home monitoring, usually involving a video camera, Wi-Fi and a smartphone app. Ezviz is one of those companies, with several models of Wi-Fi cameras (as well as fully wired systems). Here are two of the more recent models, one for indoors and the other designed for outdoors – although it could be installed inside as well.

ezviz wifi cameraThe Ezviz Mini 360 Plus is only for indoors, either to be placed on a table or shelf or optionally mounted on a wall, mount included. Where ever you place it, the Mini 360 Plus is going to have to be connected to the supplied power adapter. The camera is capable of full 1080p HD recording, as well as having “night vision” up to 30 feet away. Inside the round housing, the camera rotates and move up & down, to follow people or pets in its range. While the name says “360” the camera only goes 340 degrees before it turns back the other way. What the camera sees can be recorded on a mini-SD card of up to 128 GB, or there are two optional cloud storage services you can subscribe to – one keeps 7 days of video, the other 30 days worth – a free trial subscription is included. Since the Mini 360 Plus is connected to your home Wi-Fi (or optionally by Ethernet cable), you can watch what it sees at any time on the Ezviz app for your phone, and use the app to hold a 2-way conversation with anyone in the room. The app is also supposed to alert you when the camera senses movement. The camera can also connect to other smart products including Amazon’s Alexa devices. Under $80 direct or at Amazon.

ezviz wifi cameraThe outdoor camera is the Ezviz Husky, which is bullet shaped and comes attached to a mount, with wires running through it. The Husky also has a 1080p Full HD camera inside, and is capable of night vision up to 100 feet. It does not follow motion but has a much wider viewing angle than the Mini 360, and alerts the Ezviz app if it detects motion. There’s a slot for a micro-SD card of up to 128 GB which seals to keep out moisture, and of course the whole camera is made to be waterproof & dustproof for outdoor mounting, although it could be mounted indoors if you wish. The Husky can be powered two ways: by plugging it in to a supplied power adapter, or by using PoE – Power over Ethernet – a network cable that also carries low-voltage electricity. You’d need to supply your own PoE “injector” which can run as low as $10. The Ezviz Husky is a Wi-Fi camera, but if plugged into Ethernet & connected to your home network, you can leave that off. As with its indoor cousin, a free trial cloud subscription is included, and you can sign up for 7 day or 30 day video storage. Indoors you can probably mount this camera yourself, but outdoors you may need professional help unless you’re knowledgeable about drilling a hole from outside to inside to run the cable. Under $130 including a 16 GB micro-SD card, direct or from Amazon.