Invoxia NVX 200 – Turn A Smartphone Into A Phone Phone


The smartphone – mobile phone, cell phone, call it what you will – was supposed to liberate us from the tyranny of having to go to where the telephone was plugged in to answer or make calls. But what if you want to liberate yourself from having to hold a smartphone to your ear, or plug in those earbud/microphone things and look like you’re some weirdo talking to yourself? How about turning your smartphone back into a desk phone?

That what the Invoxia NVX 200 does, gives you a desk phone/speakerphone combo that uses your smartphone instead of a landline. Your phone goes in a cradle that will also charge it up, while you use either the Euro-style handset or the built-in speaker phone. Your phone does not have to go into the cradle to work, as it connects to the NVX 200 with Bluetooth.

Setup is fairly simple – you plug in the cables for the handset and power, then it’s a little more work to click the correct power connector – micro-USB or Lightning – into the piece that fits in the cradle.

You can pick up the handset and just dial a number on the keypad, or use the big button to turn on (or off) the speaker phone, control volume, access your phone’s contact list, or previous call records, and a few other tasks. The contacts, calls, incoming Caller ID, etc., all show on the NVX 200’s little display. There’s a button for voicemail, but you have to set it up to call into your voicemail’s number.

You can also use this for video calls, with your phone (or even small tablet) resting in the cradle, so you can easily see who is on the other end, and that person can see you from your phone’s camera.

The NVX 200 worked as advertised, and I found the speaker phone sound quality as good as most smartphones, and maybe a touch better. This desk phone comes with a small printed manual, which is always nice.

You can buy the Invoxia NVX 200 directly from their website, or it’s available on Amazon, at the same price: $249.