LG V20 – Great Audio, Photo Controls & A Removeable Battery


LG V20What Is It? The LG V20 is a modestly high-end smartphone – a phone so large some people would call it a phablet (a phone that’s almost a large as a small tablet).  It has a 5.7-inch main screen, plus a smaller screen area for notifications. It comes with 32 GB of RAM expandable to 2 TB with an SD card and weighs in at about 6 ounces. Overall, it’s about as large as an iPhone 7 Plus – not small. The LG V20 has all the usual Android stuff such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it has a Micro USB-C jack and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. The on/off button is on the back and doubles as a fingerprint reader. There’s a button on the lower right edge you might mistake for the on/off, but what goes “off” when you press it is the rear cover, and that allows you to change the SIM card, SD card, and even swap the battery.

But the main selling points for this phone are its audio and video features. First of all the LG V20 has 4 digital to analog converters (DACs) and 3 microphones. You can record 24-bit HD sound right on the phone. The output is also high end, so plugging in expensive headphones will give you the best experience.

LG V20On the video side, there’s the usual selfie camera, and on the back a pair of lenses, one regular 16-megapixel lens, and an 8 MP wide angle lens. The LG V20 comes with advanced image stabilization and the big plus for photogs is all the manual controls the phone includes for white balance, shutter speed, exposure, aperture, and of course focus.

Is It 50+ Friendly?  Well, this is a large phone, and even in my large hands it felt big. The rear cover is plastic but smooth, so between the size and the smooth back, you have to grip firmly on the edges. Also, because the back is removable, the LG V20 is not water-resistant.

Frustration Factor? The size, the heft, and if you don’t need the high end audio and all those manual photography controls, it’s not an inexpensive phone.

Is It Worth It? The LG V20 lists for over $600 and can be bought, unlocked for as little as $460 – at least as of this writing. Different carriers offer different deals. The LG V20 is hard to beat for high-quality audio recording & playback, making it a no-brainer if you like to use your phone to record concerts and other events, or if you use your phone often to listen to your favorite music and appreciate “hi-fi” quality.


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